YZ-870c Re-release WCS 4+2 Edition

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We had lots of requests to make our popular Masami '89 4+2 cell parts to suit the re-release YZ-870c Super Dog Fighter, your voice has been heard!

Unlike the OG car, we have given you the option to bolt the servo in, it will need to be a low profile servo to have any chance to fit in the tight space. You can opt out and tape the servo in and we can leave the holes out for a cleaner look like the OG car.

We've done away with the "belt tensioner" and slotted both the chassis and topdeck to allow for the adjustment required. Topdeck includes all the extra hardware you'll require to fit it up, 2 of M2.5x16mm capscrews, 4 of M3x8mm capscrews and a couple of M3 washers for the rear mounting. This version has the shape of the OG, so you will find you will need to modify the body as Masaki did to make it fit. As pictured, the chassis slotting has all the middle motor mount fixing screws as button head and the outer one is countersunk like the re-re car. The rear skid plate is countersunk and we include 4 of M3x10mm screws to secure it.

As the chassis shape is quite unique to this car, it doesn't require the arm rebates of the re-re.

We can include the 3D printed battery posts that are shorter than OG ones as that what is required to get the battery straps low enough for retention.

Towers have beed massaged from our original towers to give the look and adjustment of the option towers but also include the kit holes. Made from 3.0mm they are also a litte more robust.

We can cut from all our various option, plain weave gloss, plain weave matte, black FRP, twill weave matte and newly added UD matte (uni directional) for a real vintage look!

Want all the advantages above but want to run a Shorty Lipo? Lipo version here



(No reviews yet) Write a Review