YZ-870c Re-Release Parts

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Bezerk RC option parts for the Yokomo YZ-870c Re-Release 4wd buggy. The re-re has many small differences to the original car making compatiblity between them very minimal. Topdecks on offer can either be used with the belt tensioner (as designed by James Knight) or a slotted one to ditch the tensioner like the original car has. The slotted one will need to be used with the Bezerk chassis, so keep that in mind.

Chassis options include, standard shape with standard gearbox holes, standard shape with slotted gearbox mounting for belt adjustment, slim chassis with shorty lipo and standard gearbox holes or slim chassis with shorty lipo and slotted gearbox mounting. All these options use the re-re battery retention. We also offer a battery strap.

Can be ordered in black FRP, plain weave matte carbon, twill weave matte carbon or plain weave gloss carbon!

Chassis are 2.5mm thick, standard topdeck is 2.5mm, slotted is 2.0mm. Towers are 3.0mm. Battery strap 2.5mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review