Slip Rings

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You spend so much money on quality springs for your touring car, shouldn't you get the best performance out of them?

A coil sping imparts some of it's energy into rotational torque as it is compressed. This force, in turn, can be restrained by the spring perch and upper adjuster which can result in a compromised action making a soft spring feel harder on track than it actually is. This can also account for a certain amount of inconsistency throughout a run as the springs rotate around to find something to latch onto and bind up again.

So Mr Vergunst came up with a simple solution borrowed from MTB tech to alleviate the problem. A simple 0.5mm thick washer on the top and base of your spring! The standard 14x17mm is designed for the XRAY X4 2024 but compatible with other cars using the same size spring. We've added a custom option where you can specify the size of the washer required. Price includes eight rings in matte carbon


(No reviews yet) Write a Review