T4 2017/18/19/20/21 Battery Hooks

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Product Overview

Bezerk RC option part for the XRAY T4 '17 '18 '19 '20 and 2021 touring car.

The battery posts are located as close to the side and center of the battery as possible to reduce the stress on the upper retaining tab. The 5mm thick carbon fiber battery hooks are beefy enough to take a beating and high enough to keep the battery in its place. The mounting holes are slotted to allow a small amount of left/right adjustment.

The 3mm carbon fiber upper tabs look minimal in size but due to their placement are more than up to the task. We recommend shimming the upper battery tab up around 0.5mm above the battery to reduce any chances of tweak you can either shim under the hook or under the post or both.

The kit includes 2 x battery hooks 2 x battery tabs and 2 x black alloy hex standoffs. We use a threadlock to retain the upper tab screws in place so no tools are required to remove and refit the battery. Other options include shorter standoffs for very low batteries ( std 17mm option 15mm ) and are also available in silver.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review