RC10 Graphite Coffin Replica Chassis

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Product Overview

Bezerk RC now have on offer a reproduction of the RC10 Graphite Coffin chassis. Bezerk and GP3D first combined forces to produce the 1989 Worlds car, the RC10GX. Requiring a 30degree kickup, this then unlocked the ability to create other cars using this angle. Utilising our ten plus years of experience we have faithfully recreated this legendary car as close as we could. We currently offer it with OR without an extra pair of forward battery cup holes, a common modification of the era. To further customise your steed you can opt for six gear only, stealth only or both sets of mounting holes!. Pictured chassis is with just the stealth holes. Made from quality 3.2mm (+/_0.1mm) plain weave, matte finish carbon. As with all Bezerk products we can also customise it to suit your needs!

We've added the option of engraving. As standard it is left blank. You can choose from the "Bezerk Classic" logo or the original "ae" logo. So you know it's a genuine Bezerk chassis, we've hypherated the - ae - to make it stand out from the vintage original.

NOTE: Unlike the rest of the Bezerk range of parts, these chassis are not made as soon as the order is made. Turnaround will be around 1 - 4 weeks depending on where we are in the production cycle.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review