Neo Vintage Ultima LWB Chassis Set

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Product Overview

Neo Vintage Racing introduces the option chassis tailor-made for the Kyosho Ultima! Crafted from Bezerk's premium 3.35mm thick carbon-fiber for unrivaled quality and durability. Boasting an extended wheelbase of 280mm and a heightened front kick-up of 30 degrees, this chassis transforms the Ultima, rendering it remarkably more maneuverable.

The redesigned geometry, coupled with an optimized center of gravity, enhances cornering agility while maintaining exceptional stability. On uneven terrain, the elongated wheelbase enhances control and adeptly navigates bumps with ease.

Equipped with a versatile battery holder system accommodating both stick and shorty Lipo batteries, alongside the option of longitudinal or transverse mounting positions for the steering servo, customization reaches new heights.

Engineered for stiffness, the chassis facilitates a streamlined arrangement of electronic components, ensuring a tidy layout. A meticulously designed tunnel facilitates the speedo wire to the receiver, allowing for a lowered battery position and seamless cable management.

Rigorously tested by Neo Vintage Racing across various tracks and conditions, the performance leap against the original Ultima chassis is dramatic. A requisite for the discerning Vintage racer, this chassis epitomizes excellence in performance and precision.

Price includes the chassis, two lengths of upper battery strap (2.5mm UD carbon fiber), two lower battery control hooks (2.5mm UD carbon fiber), two black alloy standoffs and the appropriate steel hardware to mount all the battery holding options.

***NOTE*** Available from Bezerk RC to Australia, New Zealand and Asia ONLY!!!
Please refer to Neo Vintage Racing store for sales to other regions.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review