IQ0 Neuron Race Frame

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Product Overview

An evolution of IQ0's Big Brainer race frame, the Neuron is the next step up in performance. With a smaller footprint than the Big Brainer, it reduces weight and makes for a more nimble racing experience.

Carried over from the Big Brainer, the arm movement is minimised with the introduction of four keys toward the ends arms. The keys are orientated to accept load across the weave rather than endgrain loading. The large mating surfaces reduce wear and provide some crash resistance. Nothing is unbreakable but we feel that it has impressive strength for the minimal overall weight.

The main 2.5mm chassis plate is cut with a 45/45deg weave to provide a very torsionally stiff platform. The bottom 2.0mm plate is countersunk for a battery friendly surface to strap against. Four pressnuts are provided for easier arm removal, loosen one screw and remove one to remove an arm.  We've also added the option to run the standard 20x20mm stack or 25.5mm AIO, bottom plate is designed to suit stack driver access.

In the Build Options selection, "Nano spec" is for a lighter 2.0mm midplate. "Standard" build will give you a 2.5mm midplate.

Choose arms with a 16x16x3mm mounting pattern or a 12x12x2mm format for Nano spec lightweight builds. Arms and chassis plates are made from high quality carbon fiber. Diagonal motor spacing is 190mm center to center.

This frame attracted plenty of interest in the prototype flown by Bezerk supported pilot Ironoid at the 2024 NZO, Bezerk factory pilot IQ0 himself piloting it to a second place!

Standard spec price includes - Four arms, one battery plate, one mid plate, one top plate, four keys and four pressnuts.

If you add hardware option in purchase you get the hardware list below.

Rotorbuilds Neuron "Nano" build by SugarK here

Camera mount here standoff spacing is 21.5 x 48mm

Spares here

Hardware required -

For 16 x 16 motors -
- 4 m3*20mm button head screws
- 12 m3*8mm button head screws
- 4 m3*plain nuts
- 4 m3*23 - 25mm standoffs
- 4 m3*16mm flat head screws

For 12 x 12 motors -
- 4 m3*20mm button head screws
- 4 m3*8mm button head screws
- 4 m3*plain nuts
- 4 m3*23 - 25mm standoffs
- 4 m3*16mm flat head screws
- 12 m2*8mm cap head screws


(No reviews yet) Write a Review