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Bezerk RC option part for the XRAY XB2 2020 2wd buggy. In "dirt mode", the rear camberlinks end up on quite a forward facing angle puting lots of stress on the plastic mount and restricting the amount that the rear arm can twist under drive load. By moving the inner ballstuds to the tower this reduces this angle and provides a more reliable mounting for them. The holes are spaced in 2mm increments, this simulates 0mm, 2mm and 4mm on the kit mount. We offer four widths, extra short, short, medium and long. Short and long reflecting the kit widths. Made from 4.0mm glossy carbon fiber. NOTE: With the short and extra short version, the lowest hole may not work if a/ you are using the kit spur gear or b/ a thick nut to hold the ballstud. Like all Bezerk parts they can be customised to suit your needs.
XB2 20 Rear Tower Extra Short Camberlink

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