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Bezerk RC option part for the Yokomo YZ-4 SF four wheel drive buggy. The kit contains four carbon pieces (pictured in red in the diagram) The three sided component is the Spur Plate that an "onroad" spur can be screwed to. We recommend RW spurs for their weight and range of sizes, but any spur that can accept three evenly spaced screws. M3x6mm screws should do the trick for attaching the spur in most cases, M3x8mm in some cases. Treat the screws like you are screwing into plastic. The small spacer is combined with the spur plate and is fitted on the same side as the spur. The spur can be faced in either direction as pictured depending how you need it fitted. A stepped spacer fits opposite the kit spacer inside the rear bearing. The final spacer (the large one) replaces the slipper spring.
YZ-4 SF Slipper Eliminator

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