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Bezerk RC worked with Schumacher driver Antoni Caretti to develop the best chassis for all round grip, consistency and most importantly the amount of steering he desired. Made from 2.2mm carbon fiber, we have narrowed the overall width, removed material near the split blocks, reduced the width of and mirrored the motor rebates for even flex and opened up the front window by elongating toward the steering mounts. Antoni used this chassis to win the 2016 Bendigo Classic on a low grip surface and took it to a podium finish at the 2016 Australian EP Nationals on a med grip level. He was the only driver to match the lap times of the other podium positions. Antoni has tested on wide variety of grip levels from low to high with a big thumbs up. Antoni recommends using the standard 2mm top decks with both posts connected with this chassis. As the chassis has been narrowed, we eliminated the battery tape slots, you will need part #SCHU4867 to complete the package. As usual, all Bezerk RC products can be customised to suit your needs.
Mi6 Chassis Caretti Edition

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