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Bezerk RC option part for the AE B64 4wd buggy. This is a 0/6 degree option giving you the kit position and a 6 degree option. We have had 3/9deg available for some time (True Ackermann arm AE139) so this fits nicely inbetween giving you every step you'll ever need in two steering plates. Every 1mm you add to the rack subtracts 1 degree, so now you have from -2 deg to 9 degrees of Ackermann adjustment with the two types! Made from glossy 2.5mm carbon fiber. Like all Bezerk products it can be customised to suit your needs. 0/6 pictured on left and 3/9 (AE139) pictured to the right for reference. Price includes ONE pr of plates as pictured on the left. A full set is also available (AE143)
B64 Steering Arm 0/6Deg

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