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Bezerk RC worked with the Aussie AE Team to develop this tower for dirt tracks. We found that the rear tower really needed a higher rollcenter position for the rear camberlinks to aid in overall steering and especially helped with rear rotation on slower corners. Shock hole positions to suit 31mm shock bodies. Please note rear diff will be harder to remove. Combine this product with the NEW True Ackermann Steering Arms to truely transform the feel of your B64. The camberlink holes are the stadard holes moved down one whole hole, so inner holes go from being say 3,2,1 to 2,1,0. Made from 4.0mm gloss carbon fiber, available in 4.0mm as well. Like all Bezerk products it can be customized to suit your needs.
B64 Rear Tower, HRC, Tall 5.0mm

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